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The whole site (blog) is still under construction, but i will post my articles anyway. To finish the setup and customization will take me some weeks, of course weeks of my free time. This blog is; and it will be, dedicated to my personal site; and strictly to help extract my presonal ideas (about anything around me), or to follow my needs and meanings, or and to support planet Earth in her fight. Thank you for understanding.

Well, today, through science, the world is safer, more efficient and more comfortable – a better place. Today, nothing has changed in this way. It is still our unmatched ability to harness science to create new products, processes and applications. A population that was once captivated by things like space capsules is now realizing that the key to the most important problems and the most exciting products lies in the world of molecules and microstructures the world of science. Anyway,

I think, that




and I think, that it is slowly but surely starting to happen already…

And before all that will happen in the “real” way, I mean in the way that everybody will understand it, i would like to give it a chance and I’ll be open minded and relaxing…anyway, what can i do? Maybe let to know, to somebody or everybody… “Open your eyes” –  Hello World! Look around you and you will see. I believe what i see, is the same what you see. And what i believe to, is that all; the world change, the transformation, the revolution… all that is happening already and from next year onwards, it all becomes notable reality and everybody will feel it even more;| It will! and it is starting with our planet already – climatic and geological changes, while the nature must somehow guard herself. Look, what we are doing. Wars, weapons, waste, we take wood, petroleum, minerals. Novadays technology is so in front, that we do not need anymore petroleum as raw material and we even do not need to work in factories. Robotics is long time here and you can imagine what they can do. I use one example, robots helping cars making; but why they don’t do electric cars? I’m sorry, but now is everything about money, goverments, banks, corporations and we are only the dolls. Who has most of the monye? Country, then banks and corporations. They trading between, they are doing what they want, and what makes more money and is more lucrative, that will be. Even if today’s technology allow it all. No electric cars, because it is expensive to change the process. Our environmental existence here, the damage what we did and cooperation with planet Earth, all together with gathering raw materials like petroleum, causes brutal environmental disasters and huge damage to our planet. Think about it…

And what about this more realistic opinion? ZEITGEIST – Addendum
Just keep this in the mind..


All this, the blog here, the site, the effort, all this is about that,

that, if the world remains as it is, with our destructive environmental trends, then the quality of everybody’s life will rapidly deteriorates.

The most important negative trends nowadays are overpopulation; deforestation; desertification; air, water and land pollution; and subsequently climate change. Global warming is now widely accepted as a reality not only by scientists and those who are a little smart, but even by governments and industry leaders.

But is not a bit too late?

It’s later than we think!

> read more in my post The future of planet Earth <





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  1. Posted by Anonymous on August 18, 2010 at 15:13

    No celkom putave a pravdive,myslim si to tiez,ze totakto pojde a uz to zacalo.Will see soon. kandiak
    ps: troska nejake chybycky som tam objavil ale iba preklepy,inac spoko,spoko…

  2. thanx..

  3. I all the time emailed this webpage post page to all my associates, as if like to read it afterward my friends will

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